Developer Documentation

Welcome to the PayU Developer Documentation. The various PayU products’ API Integration or user documentation on this portal educate you on how to integrate with PayU to accept payments and manage your business online.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Integrate online payments using the PayU APIs and client libraries.

Web Checkouts

Enable your website’s payment workflow using the following integrations from PayU:

Mobile Checkout

PayU provides development kits that are indispensable for creating platform-specific applications.


Connect your existing commerce systems to our platform for a seamless payment flow.

Explore Web Checkout-Related Products

PayU Partner Program

PayU provides Partner Portal, suite of APIs & Co-Branded Onboarding Integration to onboard your partners.

Explore Omnichannel Products

Integrate with Omnichannel products and collect payments. Omnichannel integration allows you to collect payments from social media, mobile, websites, and stores.

PayU Payouts

Make instant payments to your vendors or employees using PayU Payouts.

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