Benefits and Features of SDKs

Seamless PG SDK

  • Plug-and-play payment gateway.
  • Zero API Integration to process payments.
  • Process payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Net Banking, EMI, Buy Now Pay Later, Pay by Rewards (Twid Pay, Flipkart Supercoins), Multi-Currency Payments, Third Party Verification (through NB, UPI), and Wallets.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your own checkout page.
  • Card vault offered; handles PCI compliance requirements.
  • Offers BIN check to verify user’s card scheme, bank etc.
  • Instant discount & cashback offers supported on all modes.
  • Add-ons possible for Native OTP, UPI Intent or One-click Payments.

Checkout Pro SDK

  • Customizable native checkout page for mobile.
  • Inbuilt Payment gateway.
  • Process payments via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Net Banking, EMI, Buy Now Pay Later, Pay by Rewards (Twid Pay, Flipkart Supercoins), Multi-Currency International Card Payments and Wallets.
  • UPI support for collect and intent on Android and iOS.
  • Configurable OTP auto-read and auto-submit via Custom Browser.
  • Handles PCI compliance requirements to store user cards.

Custom Browser SDK

  • Optimizes Net Banking pages and Stores Customer ID.
  • Auto-populates stored Customer ID on Net Banking login page.
  • Auto-reads and submits OTP for cards and Net Banking.
  • Features are updated periodically over-the-air; Minimal dependency on SDK updates. 
  • Most popular SDK in PayU’s Mobile product suite.
  • Requires SMS permission in App Manifest for best performance.


  • Supports Collect, Intent and In-app flows for UPI payments.
  • All Acquiring PGs integrated with PayU are available. 
  • VPA verification API is incorporated.
  • Merchant can use default VPA text field and Generic Intent tray. 
  • Seamless integration into Merchant’s Checkout page can also be achieved using Specific Intent or Collect flow with VPA validation.
  • Google Pay and PhonePe SDKs can be plugged for in-app experience.

Google Pay SDK

  • Supports UPI & Card payments via Google Pay app. 
  • Ships with UPI PIN library for authentication.
  • Google’s Tokenized Card Payments is only available with PayU.
  • Ships with OTP auto-read for card payments. No CVV required.
  • Higher success rates observed.
  • Requires merchant key & VPA whitelisting with Google.
  • Falls back to Collect flow in absence of Google Pay app.

PhonePe In-App SDK

  • PhonePe payment options such as wallet, cards and UPI supported.
  • User sees bottom sheet with payment options linked to account.
  • Ships with UPI PIN library for authentication.
  • Higher success rates observed.
  • Falls back to Collect flow in absence of Phonepe app.  

Native OTP Assist

  • OTP Authentication on Merchant’s checkout page.
  • Zero redirection required to bank page.
  • SDK Auto reads submits the OTP.
  • No transaction amount limit.
  • *Requires SMS permission in App Manifest for best performance.

One-Click Checkout

  • Transaction above ₹2000 require an OTP for authentication.
  • Highest levels of device and account integrity checks are in place to avoid any malicious attempts with stolen card or device. 
  • Encryption is used extensively to avoid any tampering.
  • Highest levels of security also implemented by Visa’s risk and fraud check systems.
  • User can choose to de-enrol from this service at any time.