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Integration APIs

In Real time, you can run PayU’s APIs in API Playground.

PayU has made many web-services for you. Each web-service has a specific function and hence can be used to automate different features. The basic format and execution of all web- services remain the same. Each web-service is a server-to-server call from your server to PayU’s server.

Web services can be accessed by making a server to server call on the below mentioned PayU URLs:
URLs to be used:

Serverform=1 shall returns output in array formform=1 shall returns output in json form

Web Service Request Format

The input request format for executing a web-service is as follows:

Mandatory Request Parameters

ParameterDescriptionSample Value
key Merchant key provided by PayU. Please refer to the first entry in the Post Parameters table for a detailed description of this parameter Ibibo
command This parameter must have the name of the web-service. The names and definitions of all web-services will be covered later in detail verify_payment
hash This parameter must contain the hash value to be calculated at your end. The string used for calculating the hash is mentioned below:
sha512 is the encryption method used here
var1, var2, var3 … up to var15These are the variable parameters, whose values depend on the particular web-service. Abc

Web Service Response Format

Web Service API responds back in PHP serialized string by default.

ParameterDescriptionSample Value
statusStatus of web service call 0 if web service call failed
1 if web service call succeeded
msgReason String Parameter missing or token is empty or amount is empty or transaction not exists
transaction_details May or may not be returned depending on the web service being called mihpayid,request_id, bank_ref_num etc
request_id PayU Request ID for a request in a Transaction. eg. A transaction can have a refund request. 7800456
bank_ref_num Bank Reference Number. If bank provides after a successful action. 204519474956