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This API is used to edit the details of an existing stored card in the vault. In this case, along with all the parameters that are required to save to the card, cardToken of the card to edit is also required to be passed. On successfully editing the card, it returns the cardToken of the card.

Request Parameters

ParameterDescriptionSample Value
var1User Credentials – MerchantKey:UserId MerchantName:UserId
var2cardToken(card token of the card to edit) 745d72e2fd9b7e88824fef4e
var3 cardName(nickname of the card) My_card
var4 cardModeCC
var6nameOnCard Nitesh Jindal
var7cardNo 5123456789012345
var8cardExpMon 9
var9cardExpYr 2014

Web Service Response

a. On successful editing of card

Array (
  [status] => 1
[msg] => {cardName} Edited Successfully.
[cardToken] => 745d72e2fd9b7e88824fef4e7ed7dac1fe624b74

b. If the wrong card token is given to edit

Array (
[status] => 0
[msg] => Card not found to edit )