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This API is used for saving a card to the vault. On successful storing of the card, it returns the cardToken.

Request Parameter

ParameterDescriptionSample Value
var1 user_credentials – merchantKey:userId JQBlG:abc
var2 cardName(nickname of the card) My_card
var3 cardModeCC
var4 cardTypeAMEX
var5 nameOnCard Nitesh Jindal
var6 cardNo 5123456789012345
var7 cardExpMon 9
var8 cardExpYr 2025

Web Service Responses

a. When card is stored successfully:

Array (
[status] => 1
[msg] => Card Stored Successfully.
[cardToken] => 745d72e2fd9b7e88824fef4e7ed7dac1fe624b7

b. Any of the field is invalid:

Let’s say if cardNumber is invalid.

Array (
[status] => 0
[msg] => CardNumber is invalid )