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Verify APIs

This web-service is used to reconcile the transaction with PayU. When we post back the final response to you (merchant)

We provide a list of parameters (including the status of the transaction – For example, success, failed etc).

On a few occasions, the transaction response is initiated from our end, but it doesn’t reach you due to network issues or user activity (like refreshing the browser etc).

Use Cases:

a) This API is helpful to tackle such cases – where you can execute it to get the status of the transaction. Since you already have the txnID (Order ID generated at your end) value for such cases

b) Execute the verify_payment API with the necessary input parameters. The output would return you the transaction status and various other parameters also.

c) Another usage of this API is to provide an additional layer of verification of the transaction (in addition to checksum). You can verify the status and other parameters received in the post response via this API.

d) We strongly recommend that this API is used to reconcile with PayU’s database once you receive the response. This will protect you from any tampering by the user and help in ensuring a safe and secure transaction experience.

There are two types of Verify API , where request can be made with different parameters.