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Web Checkout

In e-commerce, Web Checkout refers to the step-by-step journey of the customer, from the shopping cart section to the invoice generation for the purchased items, on the website of a merchant.

It starts with the aggregation of the necessary customer details like name, delivery address, payment mode information, etc., and terminates with the collection of payments, followed by the order confirmation.

The Web Checkout process runs on flexible Web Payments standards developed by W3C to harmonize financial transactions across ecosystems and permits diverse players to participate in e-commerce.

Supported Payment Methods

Credit CardsDebit Cards
Net BankingUPI
EMI PaymentsCardless EMI

At present, PayU supports the following types of Web Checkout integrations:

PayU Hosted ExperienceMerchant Hosted Experience
This is a managed service in which the merchant can delegate the orchestration of the Web Checkout and transaction processing to PayU.This mode is designed specifically for customers with the ability to dedicate enough technical bandwidth to manage end-to-end Web Checkout processes in house
It is beneficial for clients who may not possess PCI-DSS certifications or do not intend to involve their tech assets in web payments-related roles.Merchant must have Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification, which is mandatory for all entities seeking to store, process, and transmit cardholder data
In this mode, the customer is redirected from the merchant’s website into Web Checkout Pro, a proprietary web payment solution developed by PayU.It collects the customer payment credentials directly through the merchant’s interface and allows a fast and coherent payment process without any redirection from the merchant’s website environment