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PayU Hosted Checkout

PayU offers multiple payment workflows to fit into the online payment collection and disbursement strategy of merchants with diverse requirements and operational realities. The following document attempts a complete overview of its PayU Hosted Checkout

PayU Hosted Checkout experience is managed by PayU.

  • Readymade payment page hosted on PayU server, where the customer can select the payment option and enter the respective payment details.
  • On submitting the details, the customer will be taken to the desired payment options webpage for further authentication.
  • Even though PayU controls this page, the merchant gets access to control color schemes and the logo on it.
  • Easiest and quickest integration

The concept can be understood with the following process diagram:

  • Web Checkout Pro provides for multiple payment options that can be easily pre-configured by the merchant on-demand, as per the business case. The merchants can efficiently execute non-seamless integration with PayU web payments systems by using a PG integration kit provided by PayU.

Benefits of PayU Hosted Checkout

  • The merchants can provide a simplified payment experience to their customers while saving the cost of designing elaborate payment functionalities within their website environment.
  • They can avail the reliability of the PayU hosted environment to guarantee the security of the customer payment credentials.
  • The business need not possess PCI-DSS certifications to operate the facility.
  • The hosted arrangement keeps the tech-assets of the merchants free to contribute meaningfully in other organizational roles.
  • The Native UI feature of Web Checkout Pro allows the merchants to ensure continuous UX and brand coherence by customizing the PayU hosted environment with the business logo and color scheme of their choice, simulating their business website.

Below is the checkout experience of PayU checkout for reference. Payment options may vary based on the payment types opted by the Merchant