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Magento 2.x Extension

The purpose of this document is guide on how to install and configure the PayU plugin for Magento on your Magento powered website for payments through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking and Saved Cards.
The plugin supports Payment through PayUbiz platforms.


To Integrate PayU payment gateway, you must:
1. Have a merchant account with PayU
2. Know your PayU Salt & Key to collect Payments via PayU.
These are available on the account details tab in PayU dashboard

1. Download & Install Magento 2.x

1.Extract the zip file –


2. Upload PayUIndia folder to Magento /app/code
Note: Please create a code folder under /app if it doesn’t already exist.

3. Disable the cache.
To Disable the cache Go to Magento Admin Panel > System > Cache Management > Select all cache type from left side checkboxes > Select Action : disable from right top drop down > click Submit.

4. Run the magento commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

5. Configure the module in Magento Admin panel as shown in the configuration section below

2. Configure Magento 2.x

1. Login to Magento admin panel and Navigate to Store -> Configuration- >Sales- > Payment Methods. Expand the tab named ‘PayU’.

2. The page shown above should be displayed to you. If not, please clear the cache and then repeat this step.

3. Fill up the following configuration details:
a) Enabled: ‘Yes’ to enable the module.

b) Account Type: Select PayUBiz for account type.

c) Environment: This field determines the gateway environment your payment will be redirected to. This field can have two values :
(i) Sandbox – This is a test environment. No actual fund transfer will take place.
(ii) Production – This is the live environment. Use this value only for your website in Production. Payments sent in production environment will actually get processed.
For testing purposes we suggest only use sandbox.

d) Merchant Key: Copy and paste the test key for sandbox environment and production account key for production environment.

e) Salt Key: Copy and paste the test salt for sandbox environment and production account salt for production environment.

4. Once you are done click on Save Config and your customers can make payment via the PayU will be displayed to the user.