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Opencart is a free platform developed in PHP used to create online shops. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable base on which an online shop can be build; this base appeals to a wide variety of users; ranging from web developers seeking a user-friendly interface, to shop owners who want to launch their first online business. OpenCart has a huge amount of features that provide a strong control over your shop’s customization.


To Integrate PayU payment gateway with OpenCart, you must:
1. Have a merchant account with PayU
2. Know your PayU Salt & Key to collect Payments via PayU.
These are available on the account details tab in PayU dashboard.

1. Download & Install OpenCart

1.Extract the zip file of the required versions of OpenCart Plugin:-


2. Configure OpenCart

1. Enable PayU in Payment settings section from OpenCart Admin Panel

2. Fill up the following configuration details:

a) MerchantId: Copy and paste the test key for sandbox/test environment and production account key for production environment.

b) Salt: Copy and paste the test salt for sandbox/test environment and production account salt for production environment.

c) Mode: This field determines the gateway environment your payment will be redirected to.
This field can have two values:
(i) demo – This is a test environment. No actual fund transfer will take place.
(ii) Production – This is the live environment. Use this value only for your website in production. Payments sent in production environment will actually get processed.
For testing purposes we suggest only use sandbox.

d) Status: Select ’Enable’ to enable the module.

e) Payment Gateway: Select PayUBiz if you want to Redirect on PayUbiz Page and otherwise Select Credit Card, Debit Card or NetBanking

f) Bank Code: Select Bank Code value as per the Payment Gateway value selected above.
Case (i) Select PayUBiz Bank Code if you select Payment Gateway as PayUBiz
Case (ii) Select bank Bank Code if you select Payment Gateway as Credit Card, Netbanking or Debit Card.

3. Plot all possible status of a transaction from PayU with OpenCart status.

4. Select PayUBiz Payment Gateway method on Checkout Page.

5. Perform a test transaction.

6. Successful Payment Confirmation