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WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.PayU India is a gateway plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via PayU. This means that you easily can take credit card payments as well as direct payments via any of the associated banks.

When the order goes through, the user is taken to PayU to make a secure payment. No SSL certificate is required on your site. After payment the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the thank you page.


To Integrate PayU payment gateway, you must:
1. Have a merchant account with PayU
2. Know your PayU Salt & Key to collect Payments via PayU.
These are available on the account details tab in PayU dashboard.

1. Download & Install Plugin

Download WooCommerce Plugin –


You can install the PayU WooCommerce plugin by either of the two methods:-
a. Install via WordPress Plugin Installer
b. Manual Installation

a. Install via WordPress Plugin Installer

1. Login to WordPress Admin panel and go to Plugin->Add New . Then click on Upload Plugin. 

2. Choose this downloaded zip – https://github.com/payu-india/Woocommerce/releases/tag/ver3.8.1 and click Install Now. 

b. Manual Installation

1. Unzip – https://github.com/payu-india/Woocommerce/releases/tag/ver3.8.1 – and copy ‘WooCommerce_v381_MultiCurrency_PayUBiz’ folder from this zip and paste/upload it to <wordpress root>\wp-content\plugins folder. 

2. Login to WooCommerce admin and go to Plugins. Activate the plugin.

2. Configure Plugin

1. Login to WordPress admin and open WooCommerce Settings.

2. Click on Checkout tab and then Setup/Manage on ‘PayUBiz’ plugin.

3. Fill up the following configuration details:

a) Enable/Disable – Tick to enable the module.

b) Description – Enter appropriate description to display at checkout. 

c) Gateway Mode – This field determines the gateway environment your payment will be redirected to.
This field can have two values:
(i) Sandbox – This is a test environment. No actual fund transfer will take place.
(ii) Production – This is the live environment. Use this value only for your website in production. Payments sent in production environment will actually get processed.
For testing purposes we suggest only use sandbox.

d) Currency, PayUBiz Key and Salt – Here is a set of 10 parameters corresponding to each currency as configured in multi-currency.
Configure as many currencies upto 10 max.
For example: –
Currency 1- INR, then enter Key – for INR and Salt – for INR 
Currency 2 – USD, then enter Key – for USD and Salt – for USD

e) Verify Payment – Kindly set Verify Payment as No

f) Return Page – Use My Account as the default return page after payment response. You may create a custom page and select. However, the custom page must contain appropriate WordPress / WooCommerce codes to show custom massages. Refer WordPress / WooCommerce development guide for custom pages. 

4. Now click Save Changes and customer will get PayU option during checkout process.