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Status Explanation

Below is the possible status of the transaction. You must map the order status using the below value. As Sandbox is a replica of the production environment, you can push the code in production by just replacing account credentials and URL.

UserCancelledWhen a transaction is canceled by the user.
CapturedSuccessful transaction.
BouncedWhen a transaction is not completed by the customer, i.e, the customer does not click on pay now and leaves the PayU payment page. In such cases, we mark the transaction as bounced.
This can happen due to various reasons like the intent of the customer or the Internet issue etc. This is something that’s completely out of our control.
DroppedWhen a transaction reaches PayU, the transaction is redirected to the respective payment gateway. In response the payment gateway sends us the response back to PayU, letting PayU know the status of the transaction.
At times we do not get any response back from the payment gateway. In such cases, we mark the transaction as dropped.
FailedWhen a transaction gets failed, it can be due to a lot of reasons like, failed from payment gateway or failed from PayU or from issuing bank of the card, authentication failure, etc.
AuthAuth refers to the transaction which has been authorized from the bank and the amount has been debited from the customer’s bank account but that amount is not captured at PayU’s end (reflects in your PayU dashboard).
InitiatedWhen the merchant lands on PayU’s page, the transaction status will be initiated.
InprogressWhen the customer clicks on the PayNow button and the transaction is routed to the 3d sends page then the transaction status will be in-progress.