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Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that simplifies your online shopping experience with a single account and lets you speed through checkout with just a username and password – no need to fill out shipping and payment details every time

After setting up an account (the V.me Visa account will work with checkout), one can register any debit or credit card for instant access. On a website that supports Visa Checkout, one can simply tap or click the Visa Checkout logo in order to pay for the products instantly


Visa checkout offers users to save their cards and Billing information with Visa for a smoother checkout experience. First time user need to create an account with VCO using their email id.

Account creation is independent of merchant platform. Once created user can sign into their VCO account while doing transaction on any merchant using their login credentials.

Post account creation Users would be able to save their intended cards with VCO. During transaction if user choose to checkout via VCO, users would be able to see their saved cards and can choose any card to pay through. Major advantage of saving card with visa are:

  • No input related to card details is required from User once a card is saved. Even CVV is not required to be input by user in subsequent transaction for Visa cards.
  • For Visa cards, if the transaction amount is less than 2k then user need not go through 2nd factor authentication. User is authenticated by Visa itself.

Flow diagram

FE: Frontend

BE: Backend

  1. Customer clicks on Visa checkout payment button
  2. Merchant redirects customer to PayU payment URL with the required parameters
  3. PayU will open Visa light box (iframe) for user to login
  4. User selects the card and completes authentication
  5. Authentication response is passed back from VCO to PayU
  6. PayU validates the authentication response
  7. PayU hits authorisation with PG (s2s call)
  8. PayU receives authorisation response from PG
  9. PayU shows payment response to user
  10. PayU passes payment response to merchant
  11. Merchant validate the response and proceed for order fulfilment

User Journey

First time User Registration (Stay Signed In opted)

Please refer to the screenshots in order of the flow.

Registered user (Stay Signed In opted)

Merchant hosted Payment Page

  1. Addition of Visa Checkout (VCO) Button as a payment option

While initiating the transaction request with PayU if user choose to pay via VCO, below param needs to be set along with the mandatory request parameters defined in PayU hosted checkout.

  • <pg> = vco
    • <bankcode> = vco
  • Since VCO works on email based login, merchant need to send verified email id of the user if available in the below param of transaction request. This email will be auto populated while opening the Visa light box. In case merchant is not able to send email id, then merchant shall send the below param as blank
  • If merchant do not accept either of credit card or debit card, then it is advisable to not show VCO as payment option since user can use any card (cc/dc) saved in their visa account to transact. We will get to know the exact card type after authentication is done.