Integrate with Wix

After you set up your account in Wix, you can integrate PayU India as the payment platform for your customers.


  • Credentials to log in to your Wix account.
  • Ensure that a store or site is set up on your Wix account where you want to configure the PayU as the payment provider
  • If any PayU India plugin is installed, it must be removed.


To integrate Wix with PayU as a payment gateway:

  1. Log in to your Wix account if not already logged in.

Your Wix account home page is displayed.

  1. Select Settings from the menu (at the bottom of the left navigation pane).

The Settings page is displayed.

  1. Select Accept Payments on the Settings page.

The Accept Payments page is displayed.

  1. Click See More Payment Options at the bottom.

The More Payment Options page is displayed.

  1. Click Connect on the PayU India tile.

The Connect PayU India page is displayed.

Scroll down to navigate to the Account Information section.

  1. Configure the merchant key and Salt.
  2. Enter your merchant key in the Merchant Key field.

Note: You need to register or create an account on PayU Dashboard to get the merchant key and Salt. For viewing or generating your merchant key and Salt, refer to Generate Merchant Key and Salt on PayU Dashboard.

  1. Enter your Salt in the Merchant Salt field.
  2. Click Connect.

The “PayU India connected” message is displayed similar to the following screenshot.