Test Cards and UPI ID

This section describes the card, UPI and Net Banking details to be used in sandbox (Test environment) provided by PayU.

Test Cards

The following table provides details of some of the test cards that you can use to test your integration in the sandbox (Test environment). As Sandbox is a replica of the production environment, you can push the code in production by just replacing account credentials and URL.

Payment FlowCard NumberBrandExpiryCVVNameOTP
PayU/Merchant Hosted Checkout5123-4567-8901-2346Mastercardany future date123any name123456
PayU/Merchant Hosted Checkout4012-0010-3714-1112Visaany future date123any name123456
Server to Server5497-7744-1517-0603Mastercardany future date412any name123456


You can use anything@payu as VPA to test your UPI-related integration in the sandbox (Test environment).

Note: The anything@payu VPA can be used in sandbox or API Playground and any other VPA will not work.

Test Net Banking Credentials

Use the following credentials for Net Banking in the sandbox:

  • user name: payu
  • password: payu
  • OTP: 123456

The above Net Banking credentials must be used in API Playground.